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About Us

The Academy we operate shows both stability in terms of education and sports standards (we think, this is the basic of success) and the ability to adapt to changing conditions.
Our association, the trainers and the instructors keep steps with the changing social requirements, but clear for us, that they have to educate people, who are forced to adapt to these conditions.
In addition to the technical education of kayak-canoe, kite boat and SUP, we consider it an important mission to make people love exercise, to reach the highest possible level of competition, and to offer a suitable model of behaviour for later life. We want to implement all of this with the view of health promotion.
We believe that a person can fit into his environment and become a successful, healthy adult, who is able to create and maintain harmony in his social relationships. That individual who can balance his relationship with learning and training and, last but not least, has a clear vision for the future.
We believe that life of a professional athlete is a workable form of adaptation based on self-esteem, and we pay attention to the fact that being a professional athlete is not a way of life full of suffering and resignation.

Our philosophy

Educating professional athletes, using the developmental effects inherent in kayak-canoe and SUP sports.
Promotion of new devices and provision of exercise recreation tasks in the city and at school (rowing in tour boats, kite sailing, SUP).
Further training of physical education teachers to learn modern, fashionable forms of exercise.
To make physical activity and sports activity adequate for the challenges of the XXI.century. The nurturing and development of the knowledge of the affected area. Transfer of this knowledge to a wide circle.

Nemes vitéz Keresztúry Imre Dr.

Doctor of our association

Our association is staffed by dedicated and qualified teachers and coaches who use their expertise to spot and highlight talents and motivate them to become elite athletes. Our specialists do not only impart knowledge, but also take on the role of shaping people and worldviews, which prepares the life path of an elite athlete.


Our activities

Competitor training

Kayaking, canoeing, dragon boat and SUP racing training, combined with education.


Workshop session for the preparation of professional racers.

Health education, leisure

Health education, recreational and sports facilities for age from 0 to 100.

Training of specialists

List of current courses of the Szabó Attila Canoe Academy.